I Wonder

I wonder how a lot of people do it. First thing would be going to sleep super late at night almost every night without passing out. I know a lot of people that go to sleep incredibly late every single day, and run on very little sleep throughout the day. I go to sleep at like ten or eleven normally and I still take naps, but at school I still fall asleep in some classes. I don’t know what that does to people’s body in the long run, but hopefully that time spent will be considered worthwhile. I also wonder how some people start their love for coffee. I can drink a cup of coffee here and there, and it’s okay, but I wonder how people get in the habit of drinking it every day. If it’s from Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts, I would assume that the cost would add up every day. Maybe some people just have a lot of money available. Must be nice. I find myself wondering about college in the future. I know a lot of people have started working on the common app where they have to get recommendations and write essays, some of which are already finished, but here I am not even started anything and not even knowing where to begin. I’m sure I’m not the only one, but it would be cool to be one of those that are ahead. My last little wonder would probably be if I can ever make these blog posts a habit. I made one of them earlier this week, but here I am still doing this one last minute. I think eventually that part will just catch on sooner or later.

Isn’t it Weird?

Isn’t it weird how fast times have been changing. Being only 17, it already feels like I’m getting old. I look at things that I remember from when I was younger like flip phones, and my old gameboy advance. I look at these and just compare them to what we have now and it feels like my mind gets blown all the time. Maybe it’s not that I should feel old, but possibly be more amazed at the rate technology is improving in modern times. More scientific discoveries have been made in the past 100 years then the previous 2000 years. I honestly can’t imagine how my great-grandma feels. Just a couple of days ago she finally turned 101 years old. She is incredibly old and fragile, and she lives with my mom’s cousin in Slovakia. I remember my mom talking about her and saying how her skin had come off when she was using lotion to moisturize it. I remember hugging her and feeling how her skin is like sandpaper. Although it’s depressing, I have heard many times on how she complains about the fact that she’s still alive. She feels so detached from modern times with all of her friends dead and the community changing so much around her due to technology, that she just doesn’t want to live anymore. Although this manner of thinking only started when she began to lose her vision and hearing. She can get around fine on her own, but she just doesn’t feel as though life is worth living anymore. She wants a purpose. It’s pretty weird.

What a Mystake

I have to say that mystake was pretty fun. I signed up on the very last day kind of unsure of what to expect, but I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised at the end result. At least I thought it was pretty hilarious. Unfortunately at the powder puff game there was only one speaker working though. That made the entire thing incredibly underwhelming and made it so that it was about seventy sweaty guys dancing around on a field. It was pretty awkward to be honest. But on the other hand, at the assembly at least we had music and everything went pretty well. But I had forgotten a lot of the dances already so I during the assembly. It doesn’t matter too much though because as long as people laughed it’s alright. Practices for it were pretty funny too. Only thing that was kind of terrible was the awful body odor. Although I’m a little sad that I messed up quite a bit when I made the shirt. I had meant to cut the shirt into a very high cut crop top while also getting rid of the sleeves, but when I cut the sleeves after cutting it into a crop top, I accidentally cut one of the sides completely apart. That made me have to connect the shirt together with two safety pins on that side, and I was pretty worried that the other side would tear as well. But it held together, but it’s probably not going to hold together after being washed unfortunately. Although I have absolutely no idea when I would ever wear that shirt ever again so I guess it makes no difference. One thing I do regret is not cutting the back at all, but I was incredibly shocked that no one got called out for wearing shorts that were way too short. I honestly thought I would be one of those people until I saw other guys in shorter spandex, but no one got in trouble. The weirdest one was the cut nipple holes and belly button. I had thought that they said they would cut it like that as a joke, but it was not. One of the guys covered the holes in tape but the other guy did not change it at all and had his nipples out. It was made pretty clear that we aren’t supposed to show any of that, but once again they got away with it. It seems as though there are guidelines set for what we can do in mystake, but they are absolutely not enforced whatsoever, which just makes it that much more hilarious. It’s a bit of a shame though that a lot of the guys that were in mystake ended up skipping the assembly, but I’d say that dancing at the assembly was much better than dancing at the powder puff game anyway. But it’s their loss I guess. As long a they’re happy with their decisions, it’s none of my business.

Assisted Living

So I work at an old people home. I’ve worked there for about a year and a half. The entire time that I’ve been working there I’ve kind of noticed how crazy some people are. Maybe it’s just the place but to be honest, I find myself thinking way more about it as time goes by. Pretty crazy when one of the girls that you work with and remember helping you out when you first get started starts thinking she is some holy prophet and believes that she won’t have to work because she’s going to marry some rich guy. She’s gone now though. There has been one time, or at least a duration of time in the past that we have been incredibly understaffed at that place, and now another one of those duration’s of time have begun again. It’s a little difficult having to serve all of the old folks in the building their food as well as have to do the dishwasher’s job because the one scheduled decides to not show up. All of that done with just one other guy and the chef. Both of which seem sane luckily. But don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any issues with my boss or my pay, or that sort of thing. In fact, I’ve started and always made more than minimum wage working there. I think that the feeling I get that perturbs me is more of a psychological thing. I remember the very first person I ever served food to and for his sake we will call him B. He was the nicest guy that always got the soup at dinner, diet coke with no ice, and always had either apple sauce or cottage cheese with any of his meals. But the keyword is was. Not that his personality had changed from any mental deterioration, but he’s just gone. Dead. I even remember the night as I watched him carted off into an ambulance. Although I don’t know if that was him, or just his body. Either way, I would say that it’s the death of the people you knew and talked to which really gets to you. There’s also people that come and go to different homes. Besides the death, there is the mental deterioration of the people, and when you work around that sort of thing long enough, which apparently is a year and a half, you start to notice signs of people slowly losing it. To be honest, it really crushes your heart. Watching people that were once amiable and friendly slowly start to become increasingly agitated. Some of them begin to lose their ability to speak, or convey their thoughts into something understandable. You get used to that sort of speech, in that you get used to their habits so you know what they mean. It’s that mental decay that you watch. You see them slowly start to lose it and there is absolutely nothing you can do to help them or slow the process. All I can do is get them their food as fast as possible. Maybe it’s just the hours getting to me, or I’m paranoid. Or maybe I’m just not payed enough.