It’s a lot of fun and normally it shouldn’t take a lot of time from your day. But if you’re dumb like me and procrastinate due to lack of time-management skills, you end up ruining the whole experience and just get stressed out from doing something stupid. Although I enjoyed it. I look back at some of my older posts, however few they may be, and it’s like looking through a sort of telescope that shows a vision of your past. I look back and I can remember the thoughts going through my head at the time that I wrote it. It’s been a fun ride I’d say. A good experience. Who knows, maybe I’ll continue it later if I remember. If this just repeats itself then it may be unlikely, but who knows. I could change. Maybe. Hopefully.



I’ve always liked to read stories ever since I was a little kid. I know being required to read in school has made it less appealing for certain people, but I still enjoy it to this day regardless. I’ve always been infatuated with fantasy, in a world where anything goes. Our rules don’t apply. But in the end, they always do. Fantasy has never been truly fantasy I feel, but instead just a twist on reality. Characters in a lot of “fantasy” novels are always human. Or they have traits similar to a human. Good or Evil it doesn’t matter, since if we could not understand a character in any way, what would draw us to continue reading. Everything made in a way that the reader can understand and draw conclusions. But I love it. I like to see what the author can think of, how they can string me along in their alternate reality that they have created. Although there isn’t one in real life, with their words and characters and environments, they can breath life into something that never existed in the first place. I feel like with fantasy novels you can take a peek into someone else’s imagination, which is astonishing. But fun.


I don’t know why but I’ve always struggled writing essays. I feel like the idea sounds good on my head but then suddenly loses its luster when translated onto paper. The problem is that I don’t realize it. I read it and understand the point I was trying to make, or the feelings that I’m supposed to get when I read my own work, but expressing it to others is just something that I don’t really have the knack for. Now I do understand that writing is one of those things that can get better with practice, but I do also know a lot of people that just have some kind of talent for writing, where they know exactly which word to use to make it sound much better, or invoke a certain emotion that I don’t know how to express in my work. It makes me quite envious of them, but I do know that some of them have a certain attachment to writing in general already. They genuinely enjoy what they do so writing for them just comes easy. It’s more natural. I go back and read some of my older essays and I can just tell that they all feel so forced. But at least if I ever get into it in the future, I know that I have a lot of room for improvement. It’s boring to be at the top. The journey up seems much more interesting.


A name that’s become much more famous than I remember in the past. He was my favorite YouTuber for the longest time, and then for about a year or so I had stopped watching him. I don’t know what happened, but his videos had just lost its charm for me during that time. Recently, and by recently I mean in the past almost year, I got back into watching him. He doesn’t play as many games as he used to, which is what I initially watched him for, but I feel like he is now expressing himself in ways that he enjoys, which is much more entertaining for me to watch. Instead of beating a dead horse with some game that he would make a hundred episodes for, each time he plays a posts a video now it feels like some fresh comedy skit that I’m always excited to watch. I feel a bit of pride in knowing that I watched him since he had less than a hundred-thousand subscribers on YouTube, but now he has over fifty-eight million. I like the creative direction he has taken his channel in, instead of being a gamer, he is more involved in something I’d describe as internet culture, and sharing it in a way with his viewers. At the very least, he seems to enjoy it more.


It’s something that I’ve become much more conscious about ever since I started playing a sport and exercising. The incredible importance of water. I always drink around two 16 ounce bottles of water a day just due to my new habit. If I don’t drink water now, I feel my lips get noticeably drier and I just feel much more lethargic. I never usually drink soda either. My parents never really buy it too much so to be honest, it was difficult to even get into the habit. Which I guess is a good thing. I always like to stumble across random videos of stuff like “The wonders of water for the body”, which may or may not be an actual video. I just made that name up. I like to see the facts they present and compare myself to them since I know I drink a lot of water, so those positive effects should be having their impact on me right now. But I usually don’t notice. I don’t really try to do it because it’s even good for me anymore though. It’s just become a habit. Which is a good thing in and of itself. But one downside to this effect may either be just something with me personally, or the water, but I notice that I can sweat way more than I used to. Normally I would never sweat, but since hydration, when I get worked up, my back and stomach can get quite… Moist.


I feel so hungry right now. I know it’s because it’s pretty late though. I know if I would be sleeping right now I wouldn’t be having this feeling. I get so mad at myself sometimes since I know that I had so much time to do all of these blogs, but here I am sitting at 3:03 in the morning trying to finish all of them on a Saturday. Well Sunday now. I wish I had done it on Saturday. I’m feeling a lot of regret right now. Regret and hunger. Very hungry. There are a lot of things I could probably grab right now to eat, but I know that I would probably wake someone up if I tried to get something from the kitchen. It’s like when you try to sneak around when it’s really silent and everything just get ten times louder than usual. That’s definitely what’s going to happen to me if I would even try so I just have to stay strong for a little bit longer. I don’t want anyone to get mad at me this late in the night because I procrastinated in doing blog posts. I’d rather they get mad at me later when I’m not as delirious from lack of sleep.


One of my favorite games from my childhood has been re-released recently onto the PlayStation 4. Those games would be the Jak and Daxter Collection. They even threw in the racing game that wasn’t in the HD re-release on the PlayStation 3. I’ve played through every game in the series so many times that I know most of the titles like the back of my hand. I just get a feeling of nostalgia and wonder each time I go back and play those games. I remember watching my brother play them when he would hog the console. I remember struggling at certain parts of the games because I would get lost and wouldn’t know what to do or where to go. Sadly I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get that initial feeling of adventure in those games that I had when I first played, but I do know that I can play through the games quite fast now due to all of my knowledge of them. I learned to get faster with repeated sittings and I feel triumphant in a sense that parts that were once difficult for me have become a breeze. That I know the location of everything I have to collect like the back of my hand. I get a sense of pride in knowing that I’ve gotten better as I got older. It feels good.


They’re quite interesting. I know a lot of people that watch podcasts regularly and listen to them as if they are some type of show. I’ve tried getting into listening to podcasts but I don’t think it’s for me. Either that or I haven’t found the right one. Who knows. I know my brother listens to quite a few podcasts, most of which by comedians. I think it’s always good to get a few laughs out, but I don’t really go out of my way to find them. I like to stumble on my funny moments so that they feel meaningful. If I laugh at some video, I can always re-watch it so it feels to me as if some of its charm is lost in the process of re-watching. My only issue with podcasts is that some of them, or many of them even can be quite niche. You have to really like the person in order to feel more interested in the podcast itself. You don’t really watch it for the content it covers or the person they interview or something like that, it’s usually because you like the host. I feel like if you start a podcast, there is now way to ever become super popular with a wide audience because everyone is so different. So many people have different tastes that it just isn’t a viable platform. Although I may be wrong. I feel like I’m just rambling.


It’s a word you hear very often on YouTube with a lot of certain content creators. Many of them have become restricted in their material due to pulling of advertisements and profitability when you get a certain yellow circle within your video. For a lot of YouTubers, you are now unable to really make a lot of money due to an algorithm change that happened quite a while ago that made it so ten minute videos make more money than videos under that length. It’s not all about clicks a video gets, but rather time viewed overall. I remember hearing about this whole change and being quite sad since I knew a part of the YouTube community would die. That community being the animators. Those that have stayed rely on platforms like Patreon, or just stream their art online instead of post videos anymore. It just isn’t profitable. I started watching stuff on YouTube because of animations, but they aren’t worth it to produce since the very good ones require a lot of time invested into each individual frame, but in the end it gives a very short video. Normally around two minutes back then. It’s just sad to me that animations on YouTube now are just people that talk about their past experiences while have a lot of still shots of animation. I miss the imagination in all of the old original shorts. Rarely do you find something new and exciting on YouTube anymore unless it’s just some random facts video. It’s a shame.


They are my favorite genre of video games. Most of which have an easy learning curve and are fantastic for beginners, but can have many more intricacies involved allowing for much more complicated game-play and faster runs. Something that has become more popular in video games in the recent years has been speed-running events. Certain gamers with extensive skill would go to an event, a popular one being AGDQ (Awesome Games Done Quick), and speed run certain games for a charity event in front of a crowd of people. Sometimes records are set, but most of the time it’s for the viewers enjoyment. Platformers are often seen in these types of events because when one is designed well, when utilizing the character’s abilities, you can move around so freely in such a fluid way, you can play through the game much faster than when someone that lacks the knowledge of the game’s mechanics and technical intricacies in the controls. Many speed-runs make use of certain glitches that may allow for reaching an are that is normally unattainable until later in the game, or makes use of platforms not in the actual game-play area to bypass longer portions of the game. Seeing all of these pros come together in their specific game is always pretty amazing to watch, and it shows you how much goes into a game when there is a point that you can become astonishingly good at it.